OmaeGotoki (manga) – 1

OmaeGotoki (manga) – 1


Yay, new thing! We were bandying around manga pickups, then randomly came across this one that only had 1 chapter raw released, so figured we’d give it a shot. Then, SS 15 came out, so this got set aside, and we only now finished it. We’re not sure if we’ll pick it up full time, since Deer B is wary of it staying grimdark, plus if chapters are long he’s not super keen on that either, but we’ll definitely consider it when chapter 2 comes out.

Deer B is also trying a new technique. There are tons of Japanese text directly overlaid on art, and he was looking for an easier project than SS, not harder, haha. Rather than whiting it out completely with a pure white box and covering up art, he’s trying this technique of just writing over it, then fading out any Japanese text that still shows underneath that. It’s obviously not as nice as a complete redraw, but, in my opinion, it’s leagues better than the lazy option of just putting a white box over it and fooling readers into thinking it was like that all along.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this first chapter!

OmaeGotoki – chapter 1 (MediaFire)