Sword Saint (manga) – 13 & 14

Sword Saint (manga) – 13 & 14


Woo, all caught up!!!

The other day when we released chapter 12, someone released a version of 13 translated using the Spanish release shortly afterwards. I made a rare public appearance to comment on the “sniper” as it were, and I’ll copy part of what I wrote here for you all.

For what it’s worth, I don’t care if you snipe us, we sniped it from Heizz in the first place. If you think you did a good job, go for it. We’ll keep putting out our chapters too, and the readers will decide in the end which version they prefer.

Anyway, for the moment, we aren’t planning to pick anything else up quite yet. When new SS chapters come out, I think we’ll aim to get it released within 2-3 days. Once we pick up anything new, we probably won’t announce it in advance, so just keep an eye out for new posts!

In SJ news, most of the other chapters have been 3k-6k characters, with the major exception chapter 7 at 11.8k. Chapter 16 is 15,000 characters /wrists. So I’m slowly getting it done, heh.