Sword Saint (manga) – 9

Sword Saint (manga) – 9


Finally, we have clearer explanations for some ambiguous terminology or visuals in a lot of scenes in previous chapters. Suiboku was talking about this inborn power in Sansui and Rain, Dewey noticed the lack of it in Sansui, Sansui was using it to sense people and what they could do, etc. We’ll be updating those chapters next, which won’t take much time, and updating all the links on the blog. I will also make a separate blog post when we’re done, since a lot of chapters will get updated from this effort.

Aside from that, this chapter was quite simple for Deer B, very little redrawing and most text was in boxes and bubbles, so we were able to get it done very quickly. There are also a number of interesting plot developments, given the curious imagery used to accompany the new explanations of the power system. I’m interested to see how those play out.

I hope to get SJ12 out tomorrow. Translating is going faster than 11, but I could hit a snag, so don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. Just keep your eyes peeled!

Sword Saint – chapter 9 (MediaFire)