Summoning Japan – 4.5

Summoning Japan – 4.5

A quick half-chapter describing the nations we know about so far (plus a couple others) and a bit of the world geography. Time to work on 5!



Chapter 4.5 – Supplemental Setting Material

Outline of countries in this world (countries not listed here may be introduced in the future)

  1. Japan – A country located on the far east side of the Great East. An island country that suddenly appeared one day.
    Planning to launch a satellite in order to understand more about the surrounding area.
    Currently recognized as an emerging country in this world.
  2. Rodenius continent – A small continent in the Great East to the southwest of Japan. Does not belong to a major civilization. An undeveloped land with advanced civilizations.
    1. Principality of Kua Toine
      An agricultural country in the northeast of Rodenius. They have advanced to about the Middle Ages. Their political system is democracy approaching socialism. They still have nobility.
    2. Kingdom of Quira
      An infertile country with poor food production. Due to Japan’s interest in their exports, they are planning to go through dramatic growth.
    3. Kingdom of Rowlia
      An absolute monarchy that wants to conquer the entire continent. They were originally a small country that invaded and conquered their neighbors to achieve their modern status.
      After taking over Rodenius, they plan to keep increasing their military power in order to challenge the three major civilizations.
  3. Fillades continent – Located northwest of Rodenius, affiliated with the Third Civilization.
    1. Papaldia Empire
      One of the five superpowers, strongest country in the Third Civilization. In recent years, it has been trying to extend influence into Rodenius for unknown reasons.
  4. Central World – A continent located west of Fillades, known as the Central World in this world, affiliated with the First Civilization. Includes two of the five superpowers.
    1. Holy Mirishial Empire
      Known as the world’s leader, one of the five superpowers, considered the strongest country in the world. There are rumors that a dragon god takes part in their government.
  5. Mu continent – Affiliated with the Second Civilization.
    1. Mu
      One of the five superpowers, strongest country in the Second Civilization. In a world that reveres magic, they are exploring the practicality and power of mechanical technology.
  6. The Eighth Empire
    An emerging country that suddenly appeared from the northwest of the Mu continent. Quickly subjugated a small island country. Declared war on the Second Civilization. Known to conduct horrific acts. Further details unknown.
  7. Other
    • There are many island groups, larger islands, and subcontinents in this world, but since they are outside of the three major civilizations, they are largely considered uncivilized.
    • While many of these countries are in their Middle Ages, none of them have ties to each other, and their rate of development is poor.
    • Later, it will be discovered that this planet is larger than Earth, and the area currently known to humans and demihumans are bracketed by what are called the “Eastern edge” and “Western edge.”

After Japan has launched its satellite, this outline will be updated to reflect the entire world.

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